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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
ok, so send it to me.
Um, ‘cuz I’m broke, as in so broke I can’t even afford postage. Sorry if this comes off as dick-ish, but I’m not gonna mail you my only copy. I can’t afford blank tapes to make an extra copy and as I stated I can’t even afford postage right now regardless.

The good news is I finally found a cable that works. I found a cable with RCA jacks on one end and a mini-headphone jack on the other end. I was able to run the line out from my tape deck to the microphone jack to my PC. I started with the Obituary set first since it is shorter and it is currently a “work in progress,” but the free software I downloaded to capture, edit and convert the files is being a little tricky. Since it a live show and there are no breaks (crowd noise throughout) I had originally planned on just capturing the show as one giant track and then splitting the tracks afterwards so I can break up the songs in the right spot.

Unfortunately, while the program I used does allow you to split up tracks, it only does so “on the fly” and not afterwards as I had hoped. I’m gonna see if I can work around this, but I may need to re-start from scratch. Give me a few days to try and figure something out. I will get this done, I swear, just please give me some time and please be patient.
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