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I got to the show around 12:30 and waited in line until I got my wristband and then grabbed some free vinyl and walked to my car. I soon met up with elturtle and we went inside to see Seas Shall Rise or whatever they're called cause it was cooler in the venue than outside. I thought they were pretty cool at first, but then their songs seemed to drag out and I just couldn't wait for them to get over. Right before they ended, treghet walked in and met up with us. Between sets we just hung out for a bit and waited for Skarp to go on. I was happy they opened with Requiem. I thought it sounded kind of weird, so we moved to another part of the venue to get a better sound. The bass went out right away so they were changing amps heads while finishing the song haha. They played for about 30 minutes. There was a pretty cool pit going on for about half their set. I had to leave before the last song because I had work 15 minutes after their set ended. The last song I saw was their Napalm Death cover. It was definitely good times.
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