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Originally Posted by Datjazzfusion View Post
Thanks for the fantastic information. I have plenty of the first 2 but 3....... not so much.... any tips to help me change that?
That's where it becomes tough. My connections found me first before I found them. Like Facebook for example I always talk about music and stuff like that exposing people to music they may not know yet. Ever since I got Facebook. Id go to the shows and just talk with the bands afterwards and just show my appreciation for good music.

I feel very fortunate to be where I'm at right now. It all just fell into place as it should. I guess the best way to go about it is to go the free, public or internet radio route and promote yourself and what you are able to offer for a show. You gotta make it something that is not happening on that current station, or something that is an improvement over what they have.

Its a very tough route. I don't know how I could have done it anyother way then I have.
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