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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Thanks man. That means a lot.

Honestly, it took me 3 things.

1.) Passion
2.) Time

The third one being the most important.

I had someone who found me on Facebook who wanted me to do an hour long show of Rock because I knew about Rock music. but 26 shows later I made it an hour of Metal and some rock with a lot of people taking notice. Another connection got me where I am now by doing what I love for that sole purpose.

It also takes a great deal of time to do the show I do because I over think everything. I take hours to make a playlist and after that listen back to it to see if it flows together or not. My show premiers at 5am on Tuesdays, some weeks I get done recording at 10PM Monday to send it to the stations because I want it to be the most up to date best show I can make it.

But again, you gotta have all 3 of those to make it happen, no matter what style of music you play.
Thanks for the fantastic information. I have plenty of the first 2 but 3....... not so much.... any tips to help me change that?
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