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i must been the only one that enjoyed the mainstage front to back. As I Lay Dying always brings it live and put 98% of the rest of metalcore out of its misery.

Motorhead is a stationary performance, but it's all about the music. I must have decen hearing cause i had no problem hearing what he was sayin in between tunes.

6th time seeing Slipknot and 5th seeing Slayer and honestly my fav sets from both of them yet. Both had a mixture of known songs and lesser known songs.
Corey Taylor was in top form vocally as was the rest of the Knot. Their stage set up was very impressive. Hearing Gently and Sulphur live for my first time was splendid. Tom Araya doing the AOD scream was incredible! Great to see he is doing it again. Honorable mentions to them playing Die By The Sword, Altar Of Sacrifice, Jesus Saves. and Seasons in full! Songs ive never heard em play live or not play often. and Gary Holt from Exodus walked damn hard filling in for Hanneman. Just sayin.

Bands i heard and saw bits and pieces of that didnt do anything for me. Asking Alexandra. The Devil Wears Prada. Betraying The Martyrs. Sorry dudes.

Whitechapel seem to get a lot of hate but i thought they put on an excellent show. Met them at their signing after their set

Anthrax was fuckin amazing as always. Yes it was a very basic hits set but with 40 mins you gotta be dumb if your expecting the "deep cuts". They said they will be back in Sept at the Vic. WINNING
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