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Cheap Trick -- Harrington, DE -- July 22nd, 2012

This show was a part of the Delaware State Fair and it also featured STYX as the co-headliners. CHEAP TRICK played first and blew STYX off the stage, even Tommy Shaw admitted this later during their set. The band still bring it live and Robin Zander sounds better than ever. Bun E is still not touring with them and Rick's son Daxx is playing drums. Not sure what's going on with that but I heard Bun E was having back problems. He is still considered their drummer. Anyway, here is the set.

1. Hello There
2. California Man
3. On Top Of The World
4. Baby Loves To Rock
5. Ain't That A Shame (with Tommy Shaw)
6. Borderline
7. Need Your Love
8. Sick Man Of Europe
9. Heaven Tonight
10. I Know What I Want
11. The Flame
12. I Want You To Want Me
13. Surrender
14. Dream Police
15. Goodnight

Some highlights in the set for me included Borderline and Heaven Tonight. Also, even though I do not like the tune at all, Robin Zander sounded phenomenal on The Flame. He not only hit that final big note, he actually went beyond it. Tom Petersson was playing a brand new 12 string bass for the first time at the show and it sounded incredible. And as usual Rick Nielsen was the man of many guitars and thousands of picks. I caught 3 myself, all different colors. One amazing show all around. They are currently touring with Aerosmith and they are mixing up their sets every night. If you get a chance, go see them! You will not be disappointed.

As for STYX, I planned on leaving but thought "I am front row, why not stick around." I am glad I did, they were cool as well. Not anywhere near as good as CHEAP TRICK but definitely good. Their former bassist Chuck Panozzo made a surprise appearance and played on a few songs. Also, J.Y. actually sang a couple of the Dennis DeYoung songs and not the annoying guy they have in the band to replace him. And boy is that dude freaking annoying. But Tommy sounded great and so did J.Y. I just tried to focus on them. I'm not sure how accurate this list is. I may be missing a few but they definitely played these tunes:

1. Blue Collar Man
2. Lady
3. Lorelei
4. Too Much Time On My Hands
5. Man In The Wilderness
6. The Grand Illusion
7. Crystal Ball
8. I'm OK
9. Miss America
10. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
11. Come Sail Away
12. Rockin' The Paradise
13. Renegade
Ace Frehley - 4/5
Sunn O))) - 4/6
High On Fire + Abbath - 4/15
Nails + Dying Fetus - 4/16
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