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Originally Posted by Zla Vydra View Post
Thanks for posting that. I saw that tour in Austin when I was a sophomore at the Univ. of Texas. It's cool that there was a big crowd in Chicago, because, as was usually the case, there definitely was not in Austin. There might have been 100-150 people at the Back Room (now, I believe, the site of Emo's East). I don't remember that much about the show except:
1) Everyone hated or ignored Sadus
2) I was disappointed that Obituary didn't play Body Bag
3) Igor played fast as fuck and it seemed like Max was on speed.
I saw Cavalera Conspiracy on their Fall 2011 tour at Emo's East (you were correct about the Back Room being there once) and noticed a lot of similar aspects - most notably the small crowd...except the band almost everyone hated was Otep. For about 35 - 50 people, a little under a third of them were Otep fans - everyone else had their arms crossed or were drinking heavily. I even asked myself why the hell Max had Otep on that tour (I personally don't mind them at all, but after hearing the stories about Otep's attitude, it's harder to defend the band as well as I used to) to begin with.

Igor still plays fast as fuck, but Max seemed out of breath at times and was more focused on his guitar. I later found out that one of the security guards got Max's dreadlock when it fell on the floor while he was headbanging. All those jokes about Max looking like he never bathes just got a whole lot funnier...or disgusting, depending on how you look at it.
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