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Originally Posted by wrecking_crew View Post
Don't know about Wolf not being played in like 10 years. The first leg of this U.S. tour co-headlining with Symphony X, the set list was the same each night. But this second leg they were mostly supporting Volbeat with Hellyeah. Their set list was just limited to 9 songs during the support, but they were mixing up the list each night. They did play Wolf some of the nights supporting Volbeat. Just a few nights ago, their support of Volbeat finished up and they had 4 U.S. dates added in which they are headliners (Louisville, being one of them.)

My guess is they are going to switch up a few songs each of those 4 nights to get ready when they go over to Europe for some Festivals and more Dystopia European Tour dates. They'll want to be sharp when they get to Cyprus because they will be filming and recording a live album and live DVD set. I expect the set list for that to be big (not as big as Alive In Athens since that was shot and recorded over more than 1 night.)
Well, no matter when they started doing Wolf again, I know it's been quite a few years since it's appeared in the set. Hopefully when they record the live DVD they'll play it because I would love to have a good version of that with Stu on vocals.
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