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Originally Posted by petrovar View Post
They were a really cool opener. If Earth, Sunn O))) and Sleep had a kid, this would be it haha. I can see why some would say they were boring. One dude said after their set that he would have rather gone to a dub step show than to have listened to that. It was a half hour of basically the same thing, but I enjoyed them. They created a mood that was really visceral and intense.
I agree wholeheartedly, it was so awesome in my opinion. You have to be a drone fan to enjoy them, but adding in the visual element makes it so much more interesting. I felt like the half hour that they played (their EP in its entirety) was pretty much one drawn out song. The movie also started to repeat at one point; I would have loved it if they had more films to show in the background. I could have easily watched them for an hour or more if they had a more diverse visual element. But yeah, glad you're one of the few that liked them, too.
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