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Originally Posted by Bloodcurse View Post
Yeah some of them. The sound guy really sucked, so truthfully a lot of the bands didn't sound their best. There was a sweet two man band (which reminded me of early Autopsy) but they had guitar troubles and only played like one or two songs.
For local Outdoor festivals, that is almost unavoidable. Unless you have a really good stage show, and equipment, local fests will always have huge sound problems.

I'm trying to remember who that band is you mentioned. the name is escaping me. Deretla is my current favorite Twin Cities Metal band not sure if you got to hear them or not. I THINK they played Saturday as well. But yeah I do in some ways regret not going, but in other ways I also missed Maiden on Saturday as well for band practice so. Gotta take the bad with the bad in this case.
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