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Agalloch -- Cleveland, OH -- July 22nd, 2012

Venue: Beachland Ballroom
Source: Me

NW Intro (title according to the setlist)
Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires
Faustian Echoes
Not Unlike The Waves
Of Stone, Wind And Pillor
Our Fortress Is Burning...I
Our Fortress Is Burning...II - Bloodbirds
As Embers Dress The Sky
Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
You Were But A Ghost In My Arms
In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion
Kneel To The Cross
Dead Winter Days
Falling Snow

So I have been looking forward to this show for over a year. I missed Agalloch last year because it was the same night at the Metalliance tour and I chose that show instead. I normally don't get to shows before doors open anymore, but I wanted to make sure I got a copy of Faustian Echoes on vinyl (which I did). I also grabbed a shirt.

The bill was supposed to have Musk Ox on it, as well as Taurus. I was afraid there would be a local opener that was unannounced and I would only get an hour and a half of Agalloch. The opening band went on and I had no idea if they were local or Taurus. I knew it wasn't Musk Ox, because they did not sound like this band. They had projected images of weird black and white waves and then images of weird ass Indian people. They were a two-piece all girl sludge drone band. Still didn't know if they were Taurus or not, which left me crossing my fingers that they were. They were a really cool opener. If Earth, Sunn O))) and Sleep had a kid, this would be it haha. I can see why some would say they were boring. One dude said after their set that he would have rather gone to a dub step show than to have listened to that. It was a half hour of basically the same thing, but I enjoyed them. They created a mood that was really visceral and intense. But when they ended, they didn't say who they were. I went to sit down away from the stage. The next band (I'm assuming is Musk Ox at this point) is about set up it seems, so I get up and go to the stage and I see the huge "Agalloch" banner!! . Turns out that WAS Taurus and Agalloch was next!!

It was a little after 9:30 and once everything was set up, the mood began to take place. John came out and lit some forest smelling incense. Smoke started filling the stage and the band began to come out and opened with an intro that was similar to Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires, but that shortly ended and they busted out Limbs.

Highlights for me were Faustian Echoes, Not Unlike the Waves and In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion, which had an exceptionally epic finish.

The show ended at midnight. This was a very memorable show for me. I've only been listening to Agalloch for a couple of years, but their music has had a profound effect on me, especially the White EP. I can't wait to see them again in the future.

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