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Dream Theater -- Atlantic City, NJ -- July 21st, 2012

The concert was supposed to be at Harrah's Casino in Chester, PA. But for unknown reasons (probably low ticket sales), it was moved to Caesars Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, which is 70 miles away.

I checked Ticketmaster on the day of the show, and there were less than 50 seats left, so the show was very nearly sold out. However, the venue looked like it was only 75% full. Even the sections close to the stage had a lot of empty seats. Not sure what the deal was, but I'd hate to think that a lot of people showed up in Chester not knowing that the concert was moved. I'd be so pissed if that happened to me!

The crowd was also a bit of a letdown. The entire crowd, even the sections closest to the stage, were seated for the whole show. (At previous DT shows that I've been to, the sections near the stage always stood.) There were also a fair number of old people in the crowd, and they looked very disinterested throughout the performance. Maybe they were there for the opening band (Crimson Projekct), or maybe they were casino patrons that went to the show because they were tired of playing slots? Anyway, most of the crowd was very appreciative, and cheered loudly at the appropriate times, etc. But you can only be so lively when sitting down.

Also, another strange thing that happened is that the usher brought us to the wrong seats, and we didn't notice until halfway through the show. We were supposed to be in row HH (8th row), but the usher put us in row NN (13th row). The funny thing is, there were people in "our seats" in row NN, but rather than argue, they just moved over into the empty seats next to us. We realized halfway through the show that we were in the wrong seats, and moved up to our correct seats.

In summary, it was just a weird show for me. Being moved from Chester to AC, the theater being 25% empty, the crowd sitting for the entire performance, and being in the wrong seats for half the show.

However, the band played well as always, and I had a great time. This was my 16th Dream Theater show, and although I wouldn't count it as one of the better ones, I've still never seen a bad Dream Theater show.

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