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Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
I'm really over Bruce's bitching about something as he always seems to every show he does in America. Crowd of 10k+ people and he singles out 1 guy. Bruce you already got almost $100 out of this guy since he was in the pit area, shut up and if he wants to text and not bother anyone else then so be it. I don't know why Bruce feels he has to be dick. I'm guessing the text messaging technology has probably reached other countries and I'm guessing the several thousand people Maiden play for in other countries probably have actually sent a text while watching them play in other countries.

Yes I'm actually complaining about the messiah on a very pro Maiden site. I'm sure there will be flaming back, and so be it. I don't ever seem to hear him complain as much when he's in other countries other than America. I do not hate Maiden. I enjoy Maiden, not as much as alot of other's on here, but I do like Maiden. I'm still holding out (faint) hope I might actually see them at some point before they hang it up. /End Rant
Yes, Bruce has the guy's money and should be happy but put yourself in Bruce's shoes in this situation. He's up on stage busting his ass to entertain everyone there and he see's some idiot on his phone the whole damn time and not paying attention. I know that would piss me off if I was in that position, it's really disrespectful to the performers on stage. If you gotta answer the random text during the show then fine, but if you're having a conversation that's so important that it's lasting through three songs then go some place else and do it.
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