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Originally Posted by wrecking_crew View Post
I was at the show and I really enjoyed it (40-45 minute delay at the start of Alice Cooper's set due to thunderstorms.) The set list was identical to every set on the tour, so far. I really thought Bruce's vocals were on in Indy (he can be hit or miss) and the venue didn't hinder the sound, at least not from where I was sitting. The last time I saw them was in 2010 in Chicago and I thought the vocals/acoustics of that venue were terrible.

What I really enjoyed about this is they played all classics and no songs past Fear Of The Dark album. (The two previous times I saw them, the majority of the songs were from 2000 or newer. I missed the Somewhere Back In Time/Flight 666 tour.) The Indy show marks the 7th time I've seen them on tour since the early '80s. (They haven't played Cincinnati since '96. So, every time I want to see them now, I have to travel. )

(I don't remember Bruce bitching at someone unless it was during my bathroom break during "Afraid To Shoot Strangers.")

By the way, Alice Cooper was great too! He didn't play any songs off his most recent album, but he did play many of his classics. It was the first time I've seen Alice Cooper and I enjoyed it!
Bathroom break during Strangers? Infidel! It was during the intro to Wasted Years.
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