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Going to this show next Saturday!

As someone who has only seen Crue once, I will say this setlist isn't particularly good or bad. It definitely gets the job done, even though it doesn't take any chances really. Since I thought they were only pretty good before, and I saw most of the song I wanted last time, I don't really have any complaints about this (other than no Live Wire). Can't complain!

As someone who has never seen Kiss though, this set feels like it's lacking some of their bigger hits. I'm pretty shocked to see no Calling Dr. Love or Strutter, which is a bummer. I'd also would like to see 100,000 Years, Deuce, or Parasite, although I supposed I see why they weren't played. Still though, I've heard nothing but great stuff about Kiss live (can't say the same for Crue), so if they are good enough, perhaps I'll catch them on their next tour too.

Either way though, I bought my lawn ticket for only $16 (fees included) during a promotion the week they went onsale, so I will be happy no matter what!
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