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Iced Earth -- Louisville, KY -- July 21st, 2012

It was a full set list by Iced Earth since they weren't supporting or co-headlining with anyone on this date (two local bands played 1/2 hour sets prior to Iced Earth.)

Set list is a little different from when I saw them in Columbus, OH back in March with Symphony X and Warbringer. Nine songs are the same but all the others were different. Nice to see "Burning Times" make the list this time and I was pleasantly surprised that "Invasion"/"Motivation Of Man"/"Setian Massacre" were added. "Dark City" from the current album, Dystopia, was dropped but the 4 other "new" songs still stayed in the set from the last time I saw them. Also, the lengthy "Dante's Inferno" got dropped this time. I don't know if that was planned or if it was due to time constraints (the city has a curfew and Iced Earth were hurrying through their set to try to beat it.)

As for the venue, it was a very small place. I bet there were no more than 200 (give or take 50) people in the audience. The legal occupancy for that room in which Iced Earth were playing had to be close to full...(I don't know about the other rooms in the place, as there was other stuff going on at the same time.) Anyway, it was a very intimate setting...The stage was very small and the floor was small, while most people were just at tables and at the bar watching. Everyone in the place was no further than 50-75 feet away from the stage. Not a bad seat in the entire place. Stu Block even mentioned that the venue was the smallest, most intimate venue that they've played on this tour.

Stu's vocals were dead on and he sounded great (I think he sounded better than when I saw them in Columbus.) Jon, Troy, Brent and the new/fill-in bass player didn't miss a note either. I was completely sober for this concert, whereas in Columbus I had a couple brews. I believe, IMO, they were better for this Louisville show. Maybe the opinion is biased because of the intimacy of the venue and because I had nothing to drink.

Set list:

01. Dystopia
02. Burning Times
03. Invasion (tape recording intro leading into Motivation of Man and Setian Massacre)
04. Motivation of Man
05. Setian Massacre
06. Angels Holocaust
07. I Died for You
08. V
09. Pure Evil
10. Wolf
11. Anthem
12. Declaration Day
13. Days of Rage
14. Dracula
15. My Own Savior
16. Watching Over Me

17. Damien
18. Iced Earth
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