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This is the set, and IT WAS FUCKING INCREDIBLE. So good. One of the best band performances I've ever seen. Every second was just incredible. They pretty much played all of my favorite songs. That's how you do a headlining set.

I know some guys wanted some info about it, so here ya go:

Taurus played from 10:00 -10:35, even though they had a timeslot until 10:40. I had listened to them a bit before hand and wasn't a huge fan... but live, they blew me away. Holy fuck. It was a super, super intense experience. They were very drone-y and doom-y, and they kept releasing tons of smoke to create this creepy atmosphere. Most importantly, though, they had a screen with this really, really, REEEEALLY creepy artsy film stuff playing, perfectly complementing the music. It was a full auditory and visual experience. I can't even describe what they were playing on the screen, you have to see it for yourself. I feel like I would have to be on acid to truly appreciate it. Though it would probably be the creepiest trip ever.

Agalloch got on at 11:00, and played until 1:30. They were playing like, classical folk-y music beforehand, setting a great mood. John came on when the stage was completely dark and lit like, this wood on fire at the base of the stage that was burning the whole time, releasing this smoky, campfire-y smell that permeated through the whole concert. I can see that the bassist doesn't have a ton of stage presence, but they were just very, very professional and serious about their music. John was fucking great, and his screams have just gotten better, more intense and black metal-y (like the recording on Faustian Echoes). So hearing that translated to the other songs live just blew me away. But the real star of the show for me was Don Anderson, the lead guitarist. His presence was just perfect. It is kind of obvious that he's not the greatest guitarist ever (he can barely do vibrato correctly ), but he's perfect for Agalloch. I also loved how they came back out after Kneel to the Cross, and were like, "we normally only do one encore... but fuck it, we'll do 2 tonight."

Great concert, they did NOT disappoint. The only thing I hated, and I mean hated, and almost killed the mood for me, were some asshole metalheads whipping their hair everywhere by me during any distorted guitar part. Seriously, fuck you guys. Agalloch is great music to chill out, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Being a goddamn inconsiderate nuisance to the people around you trying to absorb the music makes you a dick. Don't hit me in the face every beat with your dirty smelly hair. Save that for a death metal show. Fuck. Sorry for the rant, but it came close to ruining the night for me.

Merchwise, I got the Faustian Echoes 12", which has a really cool etching on the other side. They seemed to have a decent amount of copies, but I guess it's still early on the tour. It's only available during this tour, so pick it up for $20. They had the Marrow double LP too, for $40 bucks I think? That's a rip off honestly, you can head over to Reckless Records and get it for $25 (I did that a while ago). Also picked up the Agalloch shirt with the burning horse thing on the front, and the Faustian Echoes lyrics on the back. Really cool. There was that, another Faustian Echoes shirt, a Marrow of the Spirit hoodie, and two chick shirts. A decent amount of CD's. I guess they had patches earlier on the tour and the sold out? Shame, I would have picked one up, too. I love the Faustian LP, though. Here are pics I took (by request):

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