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This set is based off songs that Metallica have never played or rarely have played; I got the idea off of their site where they have a number of times the song has been played live count; I looked at all the songs that have been played and choose songs that have been played under 50 times, along with more classic songs

1. To Live is to Die
2. 2x4
3. Invisible Kid
4. Devils Dance
5. Ronnie
6. The House that Jack Built
7. My Friend of Misery
8. -Human
9. The Frayed Ends of Sanity
10. Better than You
11. The Outlaw Torn
12. All Within my Hands
13. Dyers Eve
14. Wherever I May Roam
15. Disposable Heroes
16. The Shortest Straw
17. Fade to Black
18. Master of Puppets
19. One
20. Whiplash
21. Seek and Destroy
22. Creeping Death
02/23/16-Black Sabbath
04/13/16-Iron Maiden

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