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3 Inches of Blood -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- July 20th, 2012

First band that I saw of the night was ANCIIENTS. By far my favourite Vancouver band - and definitely worth checking out for any fans of doom/prog/death.

Next up was BISON B.C. They were incredibly heavy this time around, though I didn't actually recognize anything they played. I'm not sure if they played a single track from their previous few releases. They said they'd just finished recording a new album and mentioned they'd be playing "a lot" of new stuff for us. Sounded excellent though, so I'm looking forward to it!

Finally 3 Inches of Blood took the stage to their hometown crowd. Always a great time. Their setlist contained all of the following, but the mid section is likely out of order. First 3 and last 4 are correct though.

Metal Woman
Deadly Sinners
Leather Lord
Trial of Champions
My Sword Will Not Sleep
4000 Torches
Lords of Change
God of the Cold White Silence
Revenge is a Vulture
Look Out
Night Marauders
Battles and Brotherhood
Dark Messenger
The Goatrider's Horde

Chief and the Blade was definitely one of those highlights that I'll remember for a long time. They just had Shane sitting down with an acoustic, Ash on what looked like a giant First Nations drum (complete with animal fur), and some unidentified girl playing the flute melodies on her violin. A sizeable portion of the crowd started doing the Macarena dance (slowed down to the beat of this song) at this time.
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