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Iron Maiden -- Quebec City, Quebec -- July 16th, 2004


PowerMaiden here, still alive in my QC hotel room, they completely kicked our asses last night, for 20 years of Maiden concerts, I admit it, there is nothing like a Maiden show in Québec city. And last night was the best !!!

They played with a fury that I rarely seen, they were on fire !!!! Dave completely smashes his guitar during Iron Maiden, I mean with anger like never seen before. WOW !!!

Full setlist, so I creamed my pants during WED, but even Wrathchild and Sanctuary were fucking great, so imagine the rest, songs like Murders, Another Life, fucking Prowler, Remember Tomorrow, Phantom, Revelations, I mean non stop classics all night long, the crowd, again was NUTS, FUCKING SCREAM FOR ME QUÉBEC CITY !!!!

But the icing on the cake is that I met 'ARRY before the show !!!!!!! I get to talk to him for 2 minutes, I was nervous as hell, I showed him my tattoo , he enjoyed it, and I took pictures, and remember telling him, ''we're gonna make you proud tonight'', I thanked him for his time, (he came all the way from the other side of the street right to my table) so he answered ''No problem Mate !!'' , can you believe it, Steve Harris said to me NO PROBLEM MATE !!! My best friend's wife even kissed him on the cheek, hahaha I have a pic of this kiss, I also shook hands with Adrian and Jannick after the show but not pics of these 2.

As soon as I have a chance I'll post my pics of me and Steve !!! In the mean time, someone please post me a link where I can upload pics and you guys can see them, when I arrive home, I 'll try to post them.

so for the record setlist was:

Intro tape ( The Ides Of March)
1. Murders In The Rue Morgue
2. Another Life
3. Prowler
4. The Trooper
5. Remember Tomorrow
6. Where Fucking Eagles Dare
7. Run To The Hills
8. Revelations
9. Wrathchild
10. Die With Your Boots On
11. Phantom Of The Opera
12. The Number Of The Beast
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Iron Maiden

15. Running Free
16. Drifter
17. Sanctuary

ps: I didn't get to see you TP, hopefully in Toronto, but Frank came to my seat just before Maiden, And I asked him about you, but I had no time to get to your seat cause we were just a few minutes away from Maiden.

Enought for now...

More later....

from Québec city...
Cheers !!!
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