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(the) Melvins -- San Francisco, CA -- July 20th, 2012

I showed up at Slim's just as doors opened, and got a spot up front despite being at the back of the line. Whilst waiting for openers Hepa/Titus to begin their set, I struck up a conversation with a photographer with whom I spent much of the evening talking with. Hepa/Titus began their set right on time, and played for about forty-five minutes. I didn't like them much; though they had a dozen or so good (though incredibly similar) doom and sludge riffs in their songs, the music overall sounded disorganized, like they were playing their material for the first time live. Their vocals were terrible, too; only during the last song of their set did their singer actually sing rather than screech incoherently. The band apparently has a former Melvins member, but I couldn't make him out. A tech guy (who turned out to be a bit more than just a tech guy) later handed their setlist to me. I'm not positive on whether these song titles are complete, but here it is:

D. Squirt

After a wait of about half an hour, the Melvins came out. On this tour (entitled Melvins Lite), the band performed without second drummer Coady. Furthermore, bassist Trevor Dunn played an upright bass instead of a bass guitar. Buzzo was dressed ina ceremonial robe, and Dunn dressed as a typical nerd, if that helps create a mental image. The band played for 90-100 minutes non-stop, and myself being unfamiliar with their new material, only recognized a few songs. I didn't catch/get a setlist since they didn't have one, but from what I remember it was similar to the one posted here earlier. After they finished, I left to go to the bathroom, since I didn't expect the band to come out right after ending their show. I saw quite a few people by the entrance to the toilets, so I assumed it was a line to enter. I stood there for about ten seconds, until a guy you might know whose name is Mike Patton asked me to move so he could go in. I was pretty starstruck since I love FNM along with the other work he's done, but I decided to not bother him with the whole "can I have your autograph" ordeal. I then returned to the stage, which was when I noticed another familiar face: Isis' Bryant Meyer. I shared a few words with the guy (very friendly dude) who then called over Michael Gallagher so I could meet him, too. I got autographs from them both, and later Buzzo's, barely catching his attention before he left.
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