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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
NFG>After The Burial any day.

Nice Review though. ETID def need to do a headliner. Pure carnage live. Any band that rants about their religion or hate for other religions bothers me. But if they just mention their beliefs or what their music stands for in terms of their religion then that's fine[/b].
I'm with you 100%. The Devil Wears Prada mentioned their religion once for about 30 seconds when I saw them open for Killswitch Engage a couple of years and that was completely fine, I just didn't like the way the dude from For Today ranted for a few minutes about how everyone is going to have to face Jesus and what not.

I'm still not regretting watching After the Burial over New Found Glory. New Found Glory is pretty cool and all, but I never got super into them even at my peak enjoyment of pop-punk (which was around the time they released Sticks and Stones and Catalyst). I had been waiting to see After the Burial for years and they were one of the two bands (Every Time I Die being the other) that I wasn't missing regardless of who was playing at the same. Like I said earlier, I wish I could of caught them, but After the Burial was a much higher priority for me to see than NFG.
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