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You know, by having this story take place 8 years after the ending of the Dark Knight, and Bruce Wayne being retired as Batman, Nolan really shot himself in the balls. The only semblance of why the ending of the Dark Knight worked was because it gave off a "to be continued" vibe, which really pissed the audience off not because, it wasn't good writing, but because the audience is left with questions unanswered. They will easily pay money to see how the hell Batman is gonna get out of this one, Or rather, how is Bruce Wayne going to be able to deal with his inner demons of wanting to help people even though he made himself a cop killer? More or less the same way Empire Strikes Back didn't quite resolve everything at once.

Well, by right off the bat by saying "yea he makes it home and convinces himself to stop being Batman for many years," what fucking motivation do I have to see this movie? As far as I'm concerned the story pretty much ends right there. Batman makes the ultimate sacrifice, Joker is captured, the legacy of Harvey Dent lives on and everyone lives happily ever after!
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