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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
I have given it multiple tries and went in with an open mind, but I think this album is god awful. I was bored as all hell listening to this and the distinct lack of emotion or originality on this album makes it painful to listen to. Yellow isn't too bad (outside of Eula and Little Things), but Green is nothing short of an abomination imo. John Baizley doesn't have the vocal chops (I'm not saying he is a bad vocalist because he is far from it, but his voice is way better suited to be singing progressive/sludge metal indie folk not to mention that music is extremely bland. I have no issue with change in sound, It's just that Baroness's new sound fails on just about every level. If they don't want make metal albums anymore fine, but they have no business making indie folk shit either imo. It really pains me to hate a Baroness album this much considering how much I love their other material, but I just can not get behind their new sound at all.
Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I've listened to it a good amount now and there are a few songs I like but I just feel like a good 85% of the album is filler with no purpose.
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