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Originally Posted by InFlamesOfBirchmen View Post
If you listened to the Blue Album, you could tell they'd be heading in a different direction, so personally, I don't understand the surprise about the style change. Its still distinctly Baroness, its just a bit different from their previous output. Personally, I love it.
True. It's just when I read shit like this from critics:

If you enjoy your doom/stoner/groove rock spoon fed to you, well, get ready to scratch your heads and stare at Yellow & Green like a dog that has been shown a card trick.

That's a red flag indicating the album is going to suck hard.

There's also this quote from a former member from a long time ago:

Originally Posted by ADD View Post
The rendition of "Steel That Sleeps the Eye" they did reminded me of Staind. Staind is not what I want to be thinking about at a Baroness show.
You know its true, bunny rabbits we have got lovely little fluffy bottoms. We do. That's why people often mistake us for Danny Devito.

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