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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
This is the only part of the article linked in the first post that mentions the singer:

"From the growling riffage of opening salvo This Is My God to the heavy forlorn balladry of follow-up Lost Worlds which showcases Richard Taylor’s soaring vocals, it’s clear that ‘British Lion’ is an altogether different beast from Maiden"

I have no clue who Richard Taylor is, maybe ravenheart can help us out there?
Good spot, missed that. I'll look into him. My immediate reaction is it's the guy who toured with Screamin' Lords for a bit... but that might be wrong.

EDIT: Nope, different guy. That was Richard Frost. Shame, because he was fucking awesome. Only likely Richard Taylor seems to be the guy who played guitar in Bandits with Alvin Lee... doubt it's him.

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