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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
this is a 4 year wait, Time has been 6+ years of waiting. Necro is probably just as long.
(1) It has already been eight years for Necrophagist, so yeah. Obviously.

(2) A four year wait ain't really shit. The wait for Meshuggah was four years, and not many people even batted an eye about it.

(3) If we're talking about bands taking their own sweet time, Pig Destroyer should be in the mix somewhere. It's been five years plus with no signs of life from them. Fuckers.

(4) I won't even bother bringing up Tool (although I guess I just did ). Everybody knows they take forever - it's just a given with them.

Somebody should start a "Get Off Your Sorry Asses and Put Out a New Album Already..." thread.

EDIT: Oh, and on the subject of Necrophagist...I don't even give a fuck anymore. I have Origin, Obscura and Nile to keep me happy. Fuck Necrophagist.

EDIT2: Yeah, I said it.
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