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I'm a bit late in the game but I beat ME3 last night. Yeah I had issues with the ending but one thing I DID like was the last scene with the boy and his grandpa. I was very happy that Vigil was playing during that scene, if I'll remember any music from the game (aside from the clubs) it'll be that track. And if there's any song that should have played at the end that was it.

I never played ME1 so I'm wondering if there's any signifigance to that scene tying it into the series. I just took it as; thousands and thousands of years after the Reaper war the story of Sheppard and the Normandy has just become a fairy tail.

One iissue I have with the game that no one else seemed to bothered by was the editing of some of the music. Take that last scene with Vigil playing. There's a definitive end to that song if you've ever downloaded it or something. But during that scene they just faded it out way too early. And any other time Vigil was played they did the same thing too, and at other times in the game with other music.

One last question, during my last part of the game when you can talk to your whole party and whatever, I went up to Liara and she touched me, closeed her eyes, and we were floating through space. Any signifigance to that scene?
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