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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Also, regarding the Savatage thing: This was extensively billed, at least at the show in Florida, as a celebration of Savatage, it goes without saying that that's the focus of the show. Being that they HAVE to do the HOTMK album and you know there's always a few more that won't go away, I don't exactly know what some people were expecting.
I was expecting exactly what he played at every other show on the tour. The whole Mountain King, a few other Sava classics but not all of them because due to European curfews he has to drop two or three songs every night, one Doctor Butcher song, and two or three JOP songs. I didn't at all expect him to drop ALL of the JOP songs.

This set was always going to be Savatage-heavy, obviously. But NO Pain songs at all? Please.

As Dave said, Tonight He Grins Again was dropped due to equipment (Jon was using a borrowed keyboard and Kinder was on a tiny drumkit), but the JOP songs weren't even on the original setlist, so equipment wasn't to blame for their absence.

As for 'The Dark', I agree, but they basically don't play songs off the first album because of the label.

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