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It's times like this I'm VERY happy I saw the show I saw. Longer show, including some actual JOP songs - and Jon didn't drink before the show or onstage from what I can recall. His voice sounded about as good as it always has at the show I saw (and yes, I could actually hear it, the sound mix was solid).

Also, regarding the Savatage thing: This was extensively billed, at least at the show in Florida, as a celebration of Savatage, it goes without saying that that's the focus of the show. Being that they HAVE to do the HOTMK album and you know there's always a few more that won't go away, I don't exactly know what some people were expecting. Furthermore, Jon doing Savatage songs to me is a natural thing. It's not like it's some ex-member of a currently active band going out there playing someone else's songs as an excuse for people to still care. Those songs are Jon's, and he has every right to go out and play them, and let's be honest here, for someone who is his age and in his physical condition, he's probably beating the average in terms of what most should expect - especially when you consider the abuse his voice has taken for 30 years now. Lastly, it's not like Savatage even exists anymore, so for people who love those songs (especially those who never got to actually see the band) this isn't exactly a purposeless thing.

That being said, if they're going to play any JOP song, they should play "The Dark". Outstanding track.
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