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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Reading book one right now. Very surprised at how little is left out on the show. A few things did come to my attention, though:

1. Daenerys' psychological transformation into a Khaleesi is much shorter in the book than on the show.

2. In the book, Catelyn tells Ser Rodrik of her history with Littlefinger en route to King's Landing. I don't recall this happening on the show... Were it to be included, it'd make the importance of Littlefinger's monologue to the two prostitutes easier to understand. I myself failed to realize Littlefinger was talking about Catelyn when I first watched the scene.

Incredibly stoked for season three
Daenerys' role in general in the first two books has been extended in the show. She is a major character but at the same time, her storyline doesn't get any depth (imo) until A Storm of Swords. And while it would've been easier, Littlefinger's dialogue gave HBO an excuse to have a sex scene in the episode. I do wonder how they will introduce Edmure and the Blackfish in season 3 since their introductions will have to be quite different from AGoT
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