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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
All Savatage songs huh? Poor guy, he must really think that no one cares about his solo career (he wouldn't be wrong haha). There's no way in hell that Child in Time was good though, no one should cover that song.
Not quite, there's the one Doctor Butcher song

I want to see more JOP material. On all the European shows he's had to cut a few songs from the extended setlist, so pretty disappointed he cut all of the JOP ones, plus 'Tonight He Grins Again', which was on the list but they didn't have time to do.

'Child In Time' was pretty good. Better than hearing Ian Gillan do it these days. Jon should really stop drinking neat vodka straight from the bottle on stage though. By the end, his voice sounds like someone who's been drinking neat vodka straight from the bottle

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