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The Story So Far -- Anaheim, CA -- July 14th, 2012

One thing must be said first.Chain Reaction NEEDS more air conditioning cuz holy shit was it hot as fuck. Nobody left that venue tonight without being soaked in sweat.

So I got to the show right when Stickup Kid was playing. I thought they were okay, the singer definitely needs to work on his highs cuz I thought they were bad. Place was already packed when they were playing and peeps were already stage diving and moshing but only modestly. Don’t know much of their stuff so no set. Also they were the third band playing. I missed Troubled Coast and Stateside.

The next band was Seahaven and holy tits did this band sound amazing. I watched them from far but that’s not really far at Chain. I figured they would be a cool chill out band and boy was I wrong. The crowd exploded when this band hit the stage: stage diving got crazy and everyone was moving. This singer has really good chops and I definitely want to catch em again. Interesting note during their set some of their fans, presumably friends of the singer cuz he mentioned some of his best friends were there, came onstage and gave the vocalist kisses on the cheek. Also first time I witnessed this, one dude was on top of other dudes shoulders and they stage dove together. I’m positive the set is correct.

Lastly The Story So Far! I just want to say I was beyond pumped for this and bought a ticket the day they went on sale cuz I missed them on The Glamour Kills tour and had to hear em from outside so when I heard headliner at Chain boom ticket purchased. Anyways. Hot Damn this band was all I could ask for and the crowd, the motherfucking crowd went ape shit. No one stood still, nonstop crowd surfers, nonstop stage divers. By stage divers I mean everything you can think of: superman dives, front flips, backflips, 450’s, twirly side dives, run off the wall and do some crazy ass shit, walk on peeps heads. All types of peeps were doing it as well. Of course there were mosh pits, circle pits, hardcore dancing but not karate kicks more like the stomping swinging arms stuff. So much fucking fun. And the set was the definition of perfect. All of Under Soil and Dirt!!! Plus Ali. Ali!!! My fav song by em, slightly in front of Mt. Diablo. I sang my ass off and during Placeholder I seriously thought I blew my vocals during that last verse. Like I said the crowd was awesome. I just love how everyone was having a blast and doing it with a smile on their faces. This is why Pop Punk is awesome and to those that hate it well you be missing the fuck out. Tried putting the set in order.

Seahaven Set:
Head In The Sand (Blinding Son)
It’s Over
Slow Down
Black & White

The Story So Far Set:

States And Minds/Roam
Four Years
Mt. Diablo
680 South
Rally Cap
Just Like You Said
Swords And Pens
High Regard

Stickup Kid 6/10
Seahaven 8.5/10
The Story So Far 10/10

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