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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
I like the idea that there are 3 different stories with what seems to be different gameplay in each, this could lead to an amazing game if done properly
Three different storylines is great. Three different styles of gameplay? No, lame. When I play an RE game, I want to play an RE game. Not three different games because they're trying to widen the appeal or some shit. I actually liked what they did with 4 and 5, but this isn't like them. It's like ORC, which everyone knows was pointless crap.

I have a feeling I'm only going to like Leon's storyline.

And haven't they learnt yet that co-op in RE is shit? It's only failed twice times in a row. Guess they're aiming for strike three.

Also expect them to do what they did with ORC by releasing only half the game and making us pay again for DLC to complete it.

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