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Ken needs a bassist for the tour:

A message to my friends that play guitar/bass and can drop everything to go on a tour asap! Abigail Williams needs a bass player for our final tour. The material is not super hard and most of the songs are long and slow(ish). I consider the tone and personality the more important factor over how many fingers you can tap with or how many strings you play etc... We have a bass and can get somewhat of a bass rig together if you don't have one. I just require a particular fuzz pedal and reverb for the tone which you might have to buy if you don't have. We also think its important to have a cohesive look on stage. The tour runs from july 26th-sept 19th. We are chill dudes and super easy to get along with. There is NO pay but we will pay for all food and drinks etc and stuff like that, we never go hungry. Its a DIY tour so there are some days off and we plan to just hang out and have a good time all over the country for this final tour. If you can learn an entire set BY EAR for the most part and think you can honestly pull all this off then hit me up. Male of female, does not matter to us.
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