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I was here too. I had an awesome time! Here's my review of what I saw:

Whitechapel: They were playing while I was waiting to meet Anthrax. I saw them before and they were fucking brutal! I was hoping to watch more but they sounded as good as ever. Didn't watch enough of their set to grade it though.

Asking Alexandria: I really enjoyed their set personally. I know many people hate them, but I happen to like them, and they did well. The crowd was really into them too. 7.5/10

The Devil Wears Prada: I was watching them while waiting for the Slipknot signing. This was my third time seeing them, and they also sounded as good as ever. 7/10

Anthrax: Didn't really watch enough of their set to grade it, but I've seen them already and they sounded tight yesterday!

As I Lay Dying: Awesome band, but I was on the lawn so I didn't get as much out of their set as I had hoped to. Really hope to catch them in a smaller venue soon. Still solid though. 7.5/10

Motorhead: Good, but not amazing. This was my first time seeing them, and they definitely have that great rock n' roll sound. The drum solo was good though, and they played all of their songs well. I'd like to see them closer, but only if its cheap or with another band I want to see. 7/10

Slayer: This was my third time seeing Slayer, and they ALWAYS deliver. After a failed attempt by my friend and I to get in the pit, we sucked it up on the lawn. They sounded awesome, and eventually we went to the pit on the lawn near the end of the set, which was a ton of fun. I do wish they had played Chemical Warfare and Black Magic, but they played all of their other signature songs. Would definitely not mind seeing them a fourth time. 8.5/10

Slipknot: After Slayer, I decided to see if anybody in the pit was leaving the venue before Slipknot. I found one guy and asked if I could have his yellow wristband, and he gave it to me! So I got in the pit for Slipknot! This was my first time seeing them, and they were very awesome. I was surprised to see Jim Root was back, which was great. Their setlist was near flawless imo, with a heavy focus on old material. I was pissed that they didn't play Pulse of the Maggots though, since they have on every other stop, and it's one of my top 3 songs by them. I also would have liked to see All Hope is Gone, Dead Memories, and Snuff, although I know they aren't playing them on this tour. Still though, they had great crowd interaction, great use of pyro, and they sounded tight. Spit It Out in particular was incredible. I will say though, they didn't quite live up to my expectations. They sounded good, but could have been improved on with little things here and there, especially the guitars' volume. I had an awesome time though, and I will see them in a heartbeat whenever they do come back. I was hoping for a 9/10 show, but they got damn close. 8.5/10

While I was there, I also got my CD booklet for Among the Living signed by Anthrax (made sure not to have the Shadows Fall drummer sign it though), a Slipknot poster signed by Chris, Clown, and Corey, and I bought an As I Lay Dying tank.

Mayhem is a ton of fun every year, and this year was no exception. This was probably my favorite lineup yet (although 2009 is REALLY close), and I can't wait for next year. It was also a bonus that this was the day after my birthday too! My only real regret is not buying a pit ticket from the beginning. I wonder who they could get for next year. If they want a fresh headliner that people aren't tired of (or at least hasn't done a major tour recently), they really need to finally get System of a Down next year.
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