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Mayhem Festival -- Tampa, FL -- July 13th, 2012

Yesterday morning around 10AM, we headed out to go to the Mayhem Festival 2012 at the 1-800-ask-gary amphitheater, we get there 2 hours before doors open, we are in the first 50 people there. it's like 98 degrees, we were suppose to be let in at 1 but did not get in till 1:40, and the first band started at 1:30.

Upon A burning Body - This band had such great energy and interaction with the crowd, they sounded great, had a great setlist, my 2nd time seeing them, and I will definitely see them again if given the chance. 7/10

Whitechapel - Watched them from a distance while in line to meet anthrax, sounded great though. - 6/10

The Devil Wears Prada - Much better than i anticipated, Mike definitely knows how to work the crowd. - 6/10

Anthrax - The main reason i was there, they completely owned the side stage, they had 3 pits going on at once at one point, unbelievable energy from Scott Ian, frankie Bello and Joey Belladonna, i was slightly disappointed drummer Charlie Benante was hurt and couldn't play, but recruited drummer Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall did a great job, the setlist was great, by far the highlight of the day for me. - 9/10

As I Lay Dying - We missed the first 2 songs because they started before Anthrax ended, sounded great. I just hope they come back through on their album tour in a club setting, not really an amphitheater band, decent setlist - 6.5/10

Motorhead - I will never for the life of me understand what is so great about this "legendary" band, up until the last 3 songs i could not understand a single word Lemmy said, drummer Mickey D's drum solo was the only memorable part of the set for me, i did enjoy the song "Overkill" though. - 5/10

Slayer - I was looking forward to seeing this band for the first time, and they did not disappoint, opening with the very brutal track "Disciple", Slayer continue to show why they are near the top of the Thrash world, vocalist Tom Araya sounded almost flawless, he NAILED the scream at the beginning to Angel Of Death, and Dave Lombardo continues to amaze people with his intense speed, I definitely plan on seeing them again, hopefully in a smaller venue. - 8/10

Slipknot - I will be honest, they were a major let down compared to what I've been hearing about them live, everyone always says they are one of the best live bands ever, they were entertaining, they had as decent setlist, and great musicianship, but i was not blown away by them, I'm not sure I would even pay this much money to go see them again, again they were good, but not amazing. - 7/10
Stuff i got.

Signed posters by whitechapel, As I Lay Dying, Anthrax and The Devil Wears Prada.

Whitechapel "This Is Exile" picture disc vinyl (# 1170 of 2000, limited press)

Drum sticks signed by the drummers from Whitechapel, TDWP, Upon A burning Body and Shadows Fall(filling in for Anthrax)

Whitechapel and Anthrax shirts

Pre-order for As I Lay Dying's upcoming album "Awakened".
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