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Originally Posted by maxpower View Post
Living in San Antonio I really miss Verizon Wireless Amp too. I got to see so many festivals go through that venue. Prior to that at least South Park Meadows was south austin and pretty quick to get to. Bummer we don't have a great festival site anymore. AT&T center just isn't the place.
For real. I get so fucking pissed off at a lot of shows and festivals that skip SA because Verizon got sold to a fucking church. At least some shows that play amphitheaters stop here at the ATT Center(Iron Maiden/Crue and Kiss).

Still it would be nice to have another outside venue some where around here so we can get these festivals and show back in this city again.

What I want to know is why doesn't Mayhem play at the ATT Center? They held it there in 09 and it was amazing. Two stages outside in the parking lot and the main stage inside the venue where it was nice and cool without the sun raping you. It sold pretty damn good as well and the whole inside was pretty much filled top to bottom. This sucks man.
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