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Just got back from Mayhem in Tampa. A few notes:

- I know much of this has been confirmed, but buying Antennas to Hell for $20 gets you a meet and greet with members of Slipknot. Here, it was Chris, Clown, and Corey. Corey was the friendliest, believe it or not. He shook my hand and many others. Did different members do the signing at other stops? Also, Sid had his own signing, but I missed it. The band only signs posters, nothing else. Not even the CD you just bought. Also, I was under the impression, Antennas to Hell was a three-disc set, but they only had the two-disc one there, and the three-disc one you can only buy as part of a $100 pre-order package online.
- Kerry King, Asking Alexandria, and As I Lay Dying all canceled their signings. Kerry King's reason was bad weather, even though it only rained lightly, and already stopped 45 minutes before the signing was supposed to start. Motorhead didn't do a signing either, but I know they aren't at most stops.
- As I Lay Dying didn't play Anodyne Sea or Cauterized, but closed with The Sound of Truth. Considering An Ocean Between Us is my favorite album of theirs, I wasn't complaining. has the wrong setlist posted.
- Slipknot didn't play Pulse of the Maggots, which was a huge bummer for me. is wrong for this one too.
- Charlie Benante wasn't back with Anthrax, but Jim Root was back with Slipknot tonight.
- Also said hi to Chris_M_S, although I'm not you caught my name from this site haha.

Storms did some damage to the ampitheatre three days before, but thankfully the show went on as planned. It was an awesome day!
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