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Thumbs up Speedwolf -- Seattle, WA -- July 12th, 2012

Last night I was finally able to witness the mighty SPEEDWOLF in the bar area of the venue El Corazon. My side project, Divinorum, also got the opportunity to play this show, so that was kick ass

The first band decided to not show up in time for load in, so the venue booted them from the line up, causing only a 3 band bill and my band to play 30-45 minutes earlier than planned, thus, I was not warmed up at all and stiff as shit.

I can go on for hours complaining about how terrible my performance was, but I won't, instead I'll mention how dead the crowd was during our set. Last show we did we had stage divers, pitting, everything, this show, not a single amount of emotion. Very upsetting for what was going to be such an energetic night, but oh well. We did our set, which included a cover of Sepultura's "Troops of Doom" (which did get some headbanging), then left the stage for Witchaven.

I am not a big fan of WH, and didn't get to watch their entire set since I was busy loading up my drums, but from the outside it sounded sick. According to the friends of mine though, no one was doing anything during their set either, just some slight headbanging. No wonder so many touring bands skip Seattle now

But finally, the main band of the night.... SPEEDWOLF!!! I was worried that the crowd would give them the unpleasant "Stand with Arms Crossed" reaction, but thanks to me and my friends, everyone went into a headbanging frenzy during their non-stop energetic performance. They played for only 30-45 minutes, but it was awesome none the less. They ended their set with "Denver 666" by introducing it with "This song, just replace DENVER with where you're from...... and fuck the Seahawks" . Afterwards, we wanted more, so they asked if we wanted another cover (having played "Witching Hour" by Venom previously in the set). The best then went into the opening line of "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam , only to then cut into "The Hammer" by Motorhead .

Incomplete/Out of order/Possibly wrong Speedwolf set:
Up All Night
I Am The Demon
Ride With Death (i THINK they played this, could be wrong)
I Can't Die
Witching Hour (Venom cover)
Denver 666
The Hammer (Motorhead cover)

If you ever have the chance to see Speedwolf, DO IT. They are one of the funnest live bands ever.

I looked at their merch, didn't see any prices, but they had a tour shirt, the wolfagram shirt, "Ride With Death" shirt, "Bark at the Poon" shirt, and a Denver Broncos rip off with a wolf puking instead of the bronco! They also had "Ride with Death" on vinyl, and a big selection of Hell's Headbangers CD's. I didn't get a good look at Witchaven's merch, but I saw a Wu-Tang Clan logo with "Witchaven" written in it

Dalla Nebbia

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