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Watched some more movies on Crackle

For those of you who don't know, REC is the original, Spanish, version of Quarantine. Unfortunately this was dubbed in English which took a lot of the scare factor out of the movie . It was very enjoyable, but watching at AFTER I had already watched Quarantine just made it feel like the same movie for the most part.

This was, obviously, the sequel to REC. It takes place (I think) 15 minutes after the end of the first movie, and adds a whole new reasoning to why everyone has turned into "zombies". I won't give any of it away, and would recommend everyone to watch it if you have seen the original. Luckily this one was subtitled and not dubbed.

This movie is somewhat of a dramatic, slightly comedic, super hero movie about a guy who fights crime in order to take out his hatred for the people, and addictions, who ruined his mothers life. It wasn't a bad movie, but seemed to drag on a bit longer than I had hoped for.
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