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16: Deltron 3030

Artist: Del The Funky Homosapien
Producer: Dan The Automator
Recorded: 1999-2000
Released: 2000
Album title: Deltron 3030

"The album's story casts Del in the role of Deltron Zero, a disillusioned mech soldier and interplanetary computer prodigy rebelling against a 31st century New World Order. In a world where evil oligarchs suppress both human rights and hip-hop, Del fights rap battles against a series of foes, becoming Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion.
Del tha Funkee Homosapien's lyrics veer from serious social commentary to humor to epic sci-fi battles, while producer Dan the Automator creates an eerie and dense atmosphere."

Not only is this one of the best Concept albums ever created, but it's also a very brilliant hip hop album by a legendary old school cat whom I had the pleasure of seeing in 2006 during my junior year of high school. Del the funky homosapien proved to the old school that he had a a spot in hip hop, but in 2000 he would team up with future GORILLAZ producer Dan The Automaor to create a futuristic world in the year 3030 in a galactic society where corruption and war is still going on, in some way some people say the album is a reflection on the real world that we are living in today(even though the story and world takes place in the year 3030.). People, you all need to peep what del is saying in this album, real fucking talk. Some of the most complex, most intelligent lyricism can be found on this brilliant concept album. JD, you say liquid swords has some of your favorite lyrics of all time, well then you seriously gotta peep some of the stuff Del is saying on tracks like "3030", "Madness", "Turbulance Remix", "Time keeps on Slipping", fuck, the entire album my friend is filled with timeless classic hip hop tunes with some of the greatest rhymes, lines and metaphors on this side of the galaxy 3030.

And as if the intelligent complex futuristic lyrics aren't enough, well I can gladly tell you that this has some of the best beats and instrumentals that has ever been laced on a Rap CD. Dan the Automator is one of the most slept on producers in the industry. Dan the Automator has made countless amounts of classics such as the Kool Keiths Dr. Octogoncylogist, and The Gorillaz first debut album. It's funny if you think about it, Damon alborn from the Gorillaz is featured on this albums in a couple of tracks, hell he even lays down a chorus for "Time Keeps on Slipping", what I find most interesting about his collaboration in this album is that all three of these guys: Del, Dan the Automator, and Daman alborn all join forces later during this same year to release "Clint Eastwood" and the entire first Gorillaz CD. I personally hate everything the gorillas did after their first record, but my god their first album is one of my favorite albums of all time. I remember my phase with The Gorillaz back in my 2001-2003 days... I remember I had that shit stuck in my CD player for like four straight months during 7th grade in 2001...That album made such a huge impact on my life while i was growing up... too bad Dan left the gorillaz because he was a big part of why the gorillaz first record is so amazing…ahahahah

FUN LITTLE FACT: I was so hyped for Gorillaz 2nd release DEMON DAYS that I actually ditched school just to go to tower records and get the record and listen to it all day, suffice to say I was pretty damn disappointed with the album, really hated the release...and man I was counting down the days for when it would come out... sorry for the random rant folks, BACK TO THE REAL SHIT..

I donno if anyone here are fans of concept albums because this entire record is played out like a story, so definitely listen to the album with open ears, and of course…AN OPEN MIND, MY NIGGAS. .. although it can just be played to be enjoyed for the sake of playing some good ass music, epic ass lyrics, and good ass beats. Speaking of beats, the instrumentals produced by Dan the Autoamator is some of the most dynamic and most ahead of its time instrumentals that i have ever heard, and it accommodates well with dels epic lyrics on the corruption of a fucked up future that society is living in during the year 3030. A lot of stand out bangers for all of you to check out(at least for those that are scoping this thread out and trying to delve into some bomb ass music). Check out some of the songs below to take a sample of how incredible this release is. Del THE FUNKY homosapien is pretty old school and has been releasing albums since 1991, but a lot of people such as myself will tell you that this is his magnum opus. "Madness" is just an incredible and hard hitting song with some true to life lyrics about the fucked up society that we're living in with Sean lenon doing the chorus of the song(Sean lenon is the son of legendary musician John Lenon of the beatles), 3030 is a great track opener, virus will grab you balls with Dels incredible lyrics, True Love is probably my favorite song on the album, that BEAT, MY GOD!! Just like many other records being posted, this will be a major hit or miss for some, but as i stated many many times before… this is my opinion, i made this thread so we are gonna do it my way or the highway. Anyways, hope everyone decides to check out some of the tracks off Deltron 3030 and considered giving this epic release a spin, I remember the first time i heard this album, it was so good that i bought the actual CD on amazon since it is out of print currently.

For those that are at lost, I have also posted another classic release that was entirely produced by Dan The Automator, except it features a different hip hop artist, and this was posted on this list awhile back. My number 46: Dr. Octagonecologyst, which some say is the the predecessor to DELTRON 3030. Dr. Octagonecologyst is by hip hop artist Kool Keith which has similar futurist rhymes and involves a plot similar to deltron 3030, except Dr. Octocltgolys takes place in the year 3000, and it is about Gonecolyogist that rapes women and talks about random bizarre stuff, and events like a half shark-half alligator that lives in hollywood blvd . Also you could say this album sets up for 3030 since there is also a track called "300" on Dr. octagon. Refer to the 2nd page of this thread to get a better idea of what I am talking about. It was posted as my number 46. Dan the Automator produced that entire release as well, although i prefer Deltron 303o way more. Dels rhyme schemes are beyond brilliant and Dans beats are hard to beat....

I am going to try and get to the top five before summer is over

until then... scope out some of these classic tracks off of Deltron 3030. I strongly recommend "Love story" for everyone that is checking this release out, Easily one of the dopest beats ever created, so fucking laid back, with del spitting out classic lines like "Virtual Junkies, Burn outs, and Lost war veterans still stuck in the Holocaust".



Love Story

Time Keeps on Slipping

8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer
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