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Originally Posted by RampinUp46 View Post
Played this in Dallas at the Mayhem Festival.

I counted 23 Pantera shirts, one Damageplan shirt, and one Hellyeah shirt, one Pantera patch, one red beard, and a drunk asshole yelling "Pantera". The Ice Box (VIP lounge) had a Blacktooth Grin on the menu too, if that counts.

...They also had a Dimebag tent. Nothing but memorial shirts, pick tins, Dimebag stencils, Dimebag postcards...if you could put Dime's name on it, it was there. Bonus points go out to the raffle to win a Dean Razorback.

Oh! And one guitar pick jewelry store didn't have Pantera picks with them (plenty of Johnny Cash and AC/DC), and someone flipped shit.

"You brought that shit to Dallas and you don't even have Pantera in there?! The fuck, man!"

You sir.... are the Pantera Game grand champion!@!!!!!!
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