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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Talking to Mr. Solis.

But brother, if anything does go down in SF, you should try and talk to them anyway, Arthur'd probably be willing to exercise anything he logistically could. I'm pretty sure he's a lurker on this here website in some way, and as long as you payed cover or something, I bet it'd work out.
Oh you know Solis? Chill. Doesn't seem like he talks much. We were both at the same show and I was wearing my Cormorant sweater and he didn't say anything, but then again neither did I.

I'll probably ask if something in the bay does come up.

Also, fun fact/cool story, bro: Last year my school was installing some solar panels and doing some construction and stuff and one of the workers look a lot like Nick Cohon. I only saw the dude like twice, but I was convinced it was him because I remember in that interview he did Metalsucks he said something about working at a solar power place or something. Never asked if he was in fact Nick because both time I saw him he was walking by or working on something that probably didn't need an interruption.
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