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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
I got to see these guys on Halloween 2010. They covered all of Who's Next by the Who for the first set and did their usual stuff for the second set. Govt Mule rules live, and Warren Haynes is just a boss in general. I'm assuming this show was a killer one too?
That's out on CD now, I believe.

Yeah, this was probably the best of the three times I've seen them in London. Stoked that they played 'Banks of The Deep End', my favourite Mule track, but the previous night in Manchester they also played it, along with Blind Man In The Dark and Bad Little Doggie, so a bit disappointed by that.

Actually, I'm getting increasingly disappointed with Mule's setlist. It used to be that you could more or less only guarantee Soulshine would be played. Now it seems a few others are played nearly constantly too.

Nevertheless, Warren is The Man. Awesome with his solo band in London last year too.

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