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Originally Posted by LIVEtoROCK86 View Post
You can also see the band's popularity heavily waning. The place was barely half full. Kind of sad.
Do you know what the capacity of the venue they played in was? I've noticed that they got booked in some bigger venues this tour that they have no chance of selling out now or even at the height of their popularity in the past. The venue they played in Rochester has like a 6,000 capacity and only 1,000 showed up. The show I saw last month fits about three thousand and again, only about 1,000 showed up. They've also been booked to play some amphitheaters this summer. I'm not sure what their management is thinking but there's just no way they could ever sellout those venues on their own. Not now, not ever.

I guess their popularity might be waning a bit but still it makes a band look bad when they're booked to play venues that are too big for them and there ends up being a lotof empty seats. Maybe losing Portnoy lost some fans, the vaule of him as the bands spokesman was huge and maybe him not being there talking the band up all the time is hurting them to. It could also be possible that everyone just decided to spend their money on Maiden this summer and skip seeing Dream Theater.

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