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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
Also, you're crazy if you think Alice Cooper is anything short of awesome live. I was really impressed. Band is tight as fuck.
I guess your right that the band plays well. It's just that I find the music is way too slow for opening for Maiden. That's probably just me cause pretty much all my friends said they loved it. I enjoyed School's out with his bit of Another Brick In The Wall. and also the blonde girl that play guitar is kind of easy on the eye.

Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
This. Your son is gonna be the coolest kid ever in high school when he meets some Maiden fans his age and he can say he met them and chatted with Steve Harris.
yeah he really is in heaven with his Bruce picture hehehe.

What's cool too is to see my whole familly whom I pretty much converted to Maiden really rocking it out like their life depends on it at the shows. I must say it make me proud to see them like that hehehe.

Their all coming to Montreal tomorrow and then Toronto and Sarnia is with my Beavers friends (but my son is coming too) we rent a little bus to make the trip so we can have a great time going all together at the hotel and shows

that's the 2010 Final Frontier bus to give you an idea

Cheers !
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