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Iron Maiden -- Quebec City, Quebec -- July 8th, 2012

Québec city last night was the 2 nd show (out of 5) of my little Maiden England 2012 road trip

The first one in Ottawa was great on Saturday night. I went with my wife, son and daughter, and we had a fantastic time V.I.P. up front. Maiden was amazing, although Bruce had a little problem with the high notes in 'The Evil That Men Do'' and they weren’t able to have the big Eddie during ‘’7 Th Son’’ the rest was nothing short of perfect. Crowd was good but not great.

After the Ottawa show we drove back to Montreal to sleep here and then at 10:00 we left for Québec city. We arrived there at 12:30

Now for those who don't know yet, Québec city is THE place to see Iron Maiden in north America by far, for a various number of reasons: First the city. It’s just beautiful there and it has a real European feel to it. People are friendly and since it’s in the summer, there is a big summer fest there, so you feel a party mood all around town. Then the crowd. They are, well WE ARE the loudest and craziest you will ever find, and Maiden just loves us. They always give a little edge extra in Québec city. Also when you know where the band is staying like I do and you have a couple of hints where they go, it's not that hard to be able to meet them. I've meet them all before a couple of times. And like you guys must know I even spend an entire after show party with them all (with the exception of Nicko) in 2006.

So, after arriving and checked in at the hotel, we went down to walk around on 'Grande Allée' street and in the old Québec city area, which is a beautiful place and it's not rare to see a Maiden band member walking around too. But not this year...

We then stopped for dinner, and then we called a cab to go to the Colisé. The cab driver was a young metalhead blasting some 'Cannibal Corpse' with his piercings and his red lenses that made him look like a vampire. That was setting the tone for the night.

At the Colisé we went to pick up our tickets and then proceeded to go at our place. I always take tickets really well placed in the lower stands in the front (with the fanclub pre-sale) because I'm with my kids, and frankly I've never been a fan of the pit (although I'll be in the pit in Toronto and Sarnia next Friday and Saturday).

Alice Cooper came on and bored me to death with his greatest hits set. At least his stage tricks are somehow entertaining, but for the music, sorry, it's not my cup of tea.

Then during the changeover people started screaming the famous ‘’Maiden ! Maiden ! Maiden !’’ chants and you could feel that this would be one of those magic nights.

I won’t go song by song to every little detail simply because you know it, it slays . The band was so energetic and the crowd was so crazy and loud , on their feet the whole night screaming their heads off the entire set. Bruce told us that even though we were only 9000 (strangely enough the Colisé wasn’t sold out for this) we were easily the best crowd of the tour (he also said that American crowds are so-so sometimes…). He always says ‘’Les Québécois c’est les meilleurs’’ (Quebecers are the best) But really that’s not a surprise. Québec city is always like that. Montreal follows closely…
To me, highlights of the night were Prisoner, Phantom, Seventh Son, Aces High and The Trooper. The rest was sooooo amazing too. I even really enjoyed ‘Can I Play with Madness’ last night which is really odd because I don’t really like that song.
One thing that hits me is how fast the set is flowing. The show starts and next thing you know you’re in the encores set and it’s over.

When we came back to the hotel my wife and daughter went in our room and me & my son stayed in the lobby to try to meet band members. We immediately spotted Bruce outside. He was with a lot of people talking. We didn’t want to annoy him, so we just went nearby to let him know we would like to meet him. He saw us, but then a lady that works for the hotel told us to go away and not disturb him. My son was disappointed but I told him. Patience, man. I told him we’ll sit nearby and maybe latter he will be willing to meet us.

Well, believe it or not, it took not more than 5 minutes and the lady said he’s willing to give us an autograph or something, but we couldn’t stay for too long. So we were all exited and went and talked to him for maybe 2 minutes. Since we were pretty much the only ones who had a chance to go see him I just took a pic of him with my son. I didn’t want to take too much of his time. He was really nice and we thanked him, and after us, nobody was allowed to go see him. What a bunch of lucky bastards we are!

Then back at the hotel we met Janick, but he was kind of entering a cab so we just said hi! And shook hands. He was nice…
Then we met fucking Steve in the lobby, we took pictures, talked to him a bit. He’s always the nicest and most available for the fans. I told him ‘’You were amazing tonight’ you know what he answered… not thank you, not your so nice… no he said ‘’SO WAS THE CROWD’’ !
That sums it up !

Then this morning went we went to this high-class restaurant in the hotel for breakfast. We bumped into Nicko (the only one I had never met!) Finally !! but we just thank him and took a picture since he seemed to be on a rush to leave. Only with his presence, he lights up the room, I was so happy to just get a picture with him. … Then when we were leaving the restaurant, and we bumped again into Janick, and asked for a picture but he said he was hungover and didn’t feel like it which is totally understandable. My friends saw him still at the bar a 3:00 am last night so he wasn’t lying …

So that’s about it for another amazing Maiden moment!


Bruce & my son

my son, Steve & me

my son, Nicko & me

next show: This Wednesday is my home town in Montreal

Up The Irons !

Cheers !
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