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Keel -- Tempe, AZ -- July 6th, 2012

First off, it was at a club that has two stages; I timed it to get there in time for Keel, though I was still about an hour early, so I checked out a local band called Knight Fury. They were pretty good, should have been on the main stage instead of the side stage. On to Keel. Ron Keel is the ultimate frontman. A true gentleman, he was in fine form, thanking the crowd many times, always quick with some nice words to his fans, he even handed out free t-shirts. If only all frontmen could be like him (are you listening Geoff Tate?). Anyway, the show began about midnight and went to about 1:15 a.m., a little too short for my taste. But the band gave a great performance, featuring perfect guitar work by Brian Jay, Marc Ferrari and Ronnie himself. Dwain Miller was on drums and the band's newest member is Geno Arce on bass. Highlight of the show was whenever Ron played guitar, he had a hands-free, head-set microphone so he could fully get into the music. During The Right to Rock, he jumped into the crowd (which was tiny, about 40 maybe) and belted the tune, allowing the crowd to sing many verses as he held out the microphone. If you get a chance to see Keel do a headline show, check them out. Well worth it. And if you want to see Ron Keel perform country, he still does the country tribute show at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Vegas performing as Ronnie Dunn. Can you tell I'm a fan? OK, here is the setlist:

1. Come Hell or High Water*
2. Somebody's Waiting
3. Speed Demon
4. Push and Pull*
5. Does Anybody Believe*
6. Streets of Rock n Roll*
7. I said the Wrong Thing to the Right Girl
8. Let's Spend the Night Together (Rolling Stones cover)
9. Because the Night (Patti Smith Group cover)
10. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
11. Rock n Roll Outlaw
12. Looking for a Good Time*
13. Tears of Fire
14. The Right to Rock
15. United Nations
16. You're the Victim (I'm the Crime)

I figured they would do Fourth of July since it was July 6, but alas, they didn't. Like I said before, too short for my taste, but a great performance. Plus, they played five songs off their 2010 release*, they should have held that number to about 3 at most and played more of their classics.
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