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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Really? Are you kidding me? It's so dead. Crabcore is dying, too. I'd say its on its last legs. Have you listened to the new Of Mice and Men or Attack Attack? Case in point.

As for deathcore, you're waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaay behind the times if you think it's still relevant or anywhere as near as popular as it was in say, 2008 or 2009. The only people jocking it nowadays are kids in high school now, who were too young to experience the first deathcore wave of kids who are in college/out of college now. So from a "scene" perspective, there aren't as many people jocking it, plain and simple. I don't care how many people in your little town like it, as a whole it's dying. This is coming from probably the biggest deathcore fan here, too, keep in mind.

Musically, I'd say almost EVERY SINGLE MAJOR BAND in the genre has changed their style from deathcore. This doesn't count the hundreds of smaller bands, who have long since disbanded or become completely irrelevant. Even more major ones, like Despised Icon. The singer is in a "ghostinsidecore" band (obey the brave) now! I'm talkin' the Major Leage of deathcore. The pros. The biggest stylistic sub-genre they've gone towards is "nu-nu-metal" or "soulflycore", whatever fake name you want to give it. But it isn't deathcore. Whitechapel was going that way with A New Era (I'd say that was the first nail in the coffin for deathcore), adopting a more commercial, traditional groove or death metal sound. The new self-titled is just a further iteration of that style, with even spoken word, angsty build up to a JUMPDAFUCKUP breakdown coming in, straight out of 2001. They even threw out the old logo! It isn't on or in the new album at all! Just "Whitechapel", in a distressed font. It isn't deathcore. Suicide Silence has definitely adopted this style to with the Black Crown. I mean, they had Jonathan fuckin' Davis do vocals on a song that was basically Korn 2.0.

Winds of Plague is becoming more and more a sick, ignorant hardcore band with the new album from last year. They still have some solid, traditional dethcore-y tracks, but for the most part, it's the derivative of a hardcore band experimenting with different levels of heaviness. A lot of the "death" aspect of "deathcore" is gone for them, keep that in mind. Just because a band has all breakdowns DOES NOT make them deathcore. Acacia Stain definitely adopted this style with Wormwood, and I think they're the best now that they've ever been. Can you call Wormwood a deathcore album? Maybe. Where's the "death" part of it? The speed? Blast beats? Any influence from death metal at all? It simply isn't there. For all intents and purposes, its a ridiculously heavy version of Throwdown or Bury Your Dead, definitely falling under the hardcore family of music. You could throw Emmure in here, too, I guess, who are basically the heavy version of 25 Ta Life. Very much NOT deathcore anymore. And if anyone listened to that new album of theirs, it's totally trying to be "ghostinsidecore" and melodic, too. Not deathcore, bro.

We got All Shall Perish making a comeback, which I love, but how deathcore-y are they nowadays anyway? They took the opposite direction as the Acacia Strain, turning into a straight-up metal band. Same with Job For A Cowboy. They want to grow up, get away from those -core roots of theirs.

You got *maybe* a couple real deathcore bands left. Impending Doom flirts with becoming "soulflycore" but they're more or less the same bland deathcore that has been around since the good ol' days. I Declare War are DEFINITELY still deathcore, and I loved the self-titled that came out last year, but it actually got ZERO attention. And I never see anyone jocking I Declare War merch, let alone see them on any decent tours since 2010. As Blood Runs Black tried to make a pitiful comeback last year, but kind of sort of totally failed miserably. I'm sure a couple high school kids got their stuff and maybe went to their shows, but they're playing for rooms of 50 people in the smallest venues around. And I really like them.

What else do you need? The Red Chord hasn't been deathcore in years. I can't remember the last time I saw a kid get excited over Carnifex. Has Molotov Solution or ABACABB played shows in the last 2 years? Oceano had that "oh let's break up 'cuz no one likes us anymore" phase but decided they wanted to try and still be relevant. Guess what? Not gonna work out for 'em. Chelsea Grin became metalcore. Upon a Burning Body became metalcore. Hell, fucking Summer Slaughter doesn't have a single deathcore band on it for the first time in history! And don't you joke with me and try and argue that JFAC is still deathcore. I bet you they play not a single deathcore song on that entire tour.

What other proof do you need? Mitch Lucker cut his hair off. Everyone dresses like hipsters now. If you're following the pulse of popular teenage counter-culture music, it's all about The Wonder Years, Story So Far, Title Fight, or stuff like The Ghost Inside or For Today. Deathcore is nowhere to be found. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on the demise of crabcore, or the demise of easycore. It's like the hardcore punk scene in 1985 or 1986. Deathcore is definitely done.

The scene has changed, no one dresses or acts the part anymore as a whole.

All the minor bands have died out or become irrelevent.

All the major bands have switched genres, whether leaning more towards metal, hardcore, or nu-nu-metal.

This response took me a while. Hopefully it puts this issue to rest. Try and fuck with my infallible logic.

I agree with all this.
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